C o m m e r c i a l   B a n k i n g

Custos have employed multi-lingual international banking specialists with extensive experience in providing international financial solutions to clients’ needs. Our specialists combine unparalleled knowledge with professional skills in helping you simplify complex transactions, saving you a great deal of stress and possible frustration.
We relentlessly provide smart financial solutions to nourish clients’ financial strength and maintain their commercial growth via dedicated expert advisers and discrete management of funds.
W E   A R E   H E R E
Our experts are there, when you need them to manage your needs efficiently and effectively, freeing you up to focus on what’s more important.
P E R M A N E N T   A C C E S S
Custos digital channels are flexible, informative and secure, keeping you in absolute control of your finances and your business.

P A Y M E N T   P R O C E S S I N G
We provide high-profile payment processing solutions for businesses as well as escrow services to make sure your money is always safe and secure. 
D E B I T   C A R D
For every account opened with Custos, you will be given a black business MasterCard to facilitate payment of business trips to any destination in the world. 
B A N K   G U A R A N T E E 
We offer you several types of guarantees: payment guarantee, tender guarantee (bid bond), performance guarantee and advance payment guarantee.  Our guarantee represents an irrevocable obligation of the bank to pay a specified amount of money if the party for which the bank is giving the guarantee does not fulfil its contractual obligations.
E S C R O W   A C C O U N T
An escrow account provides you additional security under purchase and sale of movable property or real estate. In case you and your counterparty both are customers of our Bank, you can arrange opening of an escrow account to be performed faster and easier – just pursuant to the application, without entering into trilateral agreement.


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