W e a l t h   M a n a g e m e n t 

Today’s financial security is more questionable than ever. A rowdy decade of market volatility and global economic crisis mixed with unexpected political upheavals has left wealthy clienteles concerned about the prospects for real returns on their savings and security of their deposits across the many international banking and wealth management service providers. Custos is here to minimize your concerns. We keep finances safe, transactions discrete and we are fully committed to help your wealth grow. Our Term Deposits are one of the most innovative and profitable in financial industry offering up to 6% monthly return rate. 
 S A F E   A N D   S E C R E T
Your wealth is kept safe and secret from any government, tax or revenue agency. Working seamlessly with private bankers and teams of specialists ensures suitable recommendations for every aspect of your wealth.
 S P E C I A L   T E A M
Our Wealth Management Services team work in conjunction with many legal advisors and accounting specialists. Our risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures a breadth of strategically developing investment solutions that help you fit in the bigger picture.


S P E C I A L I S T    A D V I S I N G
From ensuring longevity of businesses to empowering their owners break limits and preserving wealth for imminent generations, we understand self-assuring peace of mind for the future is highly essential. With proven experience and invaluable connections, our specialists draw detailed insight into your wealth to ensure that your future lives up to and surpasses your expectations. All these sheathed in a wrap of customer anonymity and safety. With a Fixed Deposit, you have the freedom to choose the amount and the tenure that suits you the best and earn high interest rate (up to 6% monthly). You will be also able to get an overdraft up to 95% against your Fixed Deposit at competitive rates.
C R A F T E D 
You are able to use various wealth management and banking solutions with our offshore banking and wealth management advisors. Custos is definitely the ideal single-best solution to grow your wealth, especially since all transactions you make are untraceable.
 T A X   F R E E
All investments and purchases are tax free which means you grow your wealth without being forced to share it with the government. Our professional team will help you move your assets discreetly anytime and where ever you want. 


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